Cult of Dionysus


Parties with drinking, dancing, and singing are rarely thought of as cults. Cults are often thought of as small religious groups that are frowned upon and viewed with suspicion by outsiders. Today, when…

Our Lady of Paris


Winner of the Fall 2016 StMU History Media Award for Best Featured Image Whenever we hear the name Notre Dame, one of two things might come to mind: the movie that…

Constantine’s Conversion


There are many different opinions surrounding the conversion of Constantine the Great, the Roman emperor known for reuniting the divided Rome after taking power as the sole emperor of the…

“The Way” of Daoism


With every bad situation there is a good side, but with every good situation there is a bad side. Everyone has heard some variation of this cliché before, but where does…

Producer: Jacopo Caraglio

Ancient Greek Mythology: Hades


More often than not, ancient Greek mythology (religion) served to explain a series of legends. Different from modern religions such as Christianity, Judaism, or Islam, ancient Greek religion was an anthropomorphic…