Coco Chanel’s “Little Black Dress”

Audrey Hepburn in the "little black dress" | 1961 | Courtesy of Flickr

Growing up, this woman had been abandoned by her father, leaving her and her siblings to become orphans. Although she grew up very poor, she strove to make a name for herself and be somebody important in the world, and she has since become famous for her fragrances, signature handbags, and the modern breakthrough in women’s fashion associated with her, revolutionizing the world of fashion one piece of clothing at a time. She was the French fashion designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. Being filled with the “desire for independence and need to be different,” Chanel freed women from tight corsets and introduced them to new comfortable loose clothing.1

During the 1920’s, Chanel had become one of the most powerful designers, creating a variety of fashionable clothing worn by women, and even influencing the “flappers.”2 Prior to her “revolution in fashion,” the fashion industry had been ruled by men, and clothes were made from a male’s viewpoint for how women should dress. But she introduced an entirely different concept of women’s fashion to the world. In the years before 1919, fitted vibrant colored clothing was the signature look, where black or dark clothing were only worn at funerals and at times of mourning. She even began attending many high social functions wearing pants, making something that was never done before a new trend in women’s fashion.3 Her style was one of a kind. She designed her clothing from her own viewpoint, as a woman, wearing what she saw as most comfortable.

Her creations instantaneously became the uniform of the modern women. It all started with the explosion of a gas burner while getting ready for an event in 1926. She found herself troubled trying to get the water temperate enough to wash her face. Wearing a simple white dress, she tried to alter the gas flame when it exploded surprisingly. Her white dress was now fully coated with soot. The explosion resulted in the creation of the legendary “Little Black Dress.”4 The original little black dress was plain and simple. It was a long-sleeved black fitted, but also comfortable creped, dress.5 It was a tragedy that led to the innovation of a lifetime. Chanel had created the perfect dress, suitable for any occasion, elegant or casual. “It defined the essence of modern, liberated women and reflected a change.”6

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel wearing the famous “Little Black Dress” | Courtesy of Flickr

When the famous actress Audrey Hepburn wore the dress in 1961, it brought more attraction to the style and simplicity of the Little Black Dress. It became more idolized and desired. The fame of the little black dress increased due to its exposure in Hepburn’s iconic movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She portrayed a character named Holly Golightly.7 Chanel’s fashion was frequently displayed among the high social class. She dressed many famous individuals such as Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Madonna, and Jackie Kennedy.8

Through the years, the Little Black Dress became knows as the LBD.  It came to be a necessity in every woman’s attire. It could be used for any type of occasion. Generations after generations, the dress has changed drastically. The LBD went from a fitted design to a more fashionable cocktail dress for special events. The LBD has become a trademark, displaying the transformation of fashion and dress since at least the late 1920’s. We are now in the twenty-first century; the little black dress remains a mainstay of the clothing industry and a must in the wardrobe of every woman. Even after four decades after her death, Chanel remains an icon. She played a very important role in the revolution of women’s fashion. Thanks to Chanel’s bold attitude and braveness, she broke the “rules” and transformed fashion.

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Coco Chanel’s “Little Black Dress”
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Coco Chanel’s “Little Black Dress”

Growing up, this woman had been abandoned by her father, leaving her...
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  • I love reading of people becoming something after such a sad previous past. I never really knew of how Coco Chanel became so famous or the history behind the brand so it was very interesting to learn about it. Fashion isn’t something I usually find interesting, but to read about how women were able to express themselves more, was something I really did enjoy.

  • This article just goes to show that you can build an empire from very humble beginnings. Coco Chanel opened so many doors in the fashion industry. I love that she initiated the creation of women’s clothing made from the ideas and preferences of a woman. It is all very liberating. Her brand has withstood the true test of time.

  • I’m not a fashion admirer by any stretch, but Coco Channel and her “little black dress” are iconic. Your article did a fantastic job to cover Channel and the people who made her clothes famous such as Audrey Hepburn. You did well covering the history and transitions that were pioneered by her and there was not a dull moment in your writing.

  • A well written article! I had never knew of Chanel’s story, or how the brand came to be before reading this. I never had much of an interest in the people of fashion, but I suppose this case could be considered important. Women really had it rough, so any sort of social advancement was ultimately a good thing for them. Even something as simple as clothing carried a burden on women. For the most part, it’s not really the case anymore luckily!

  • I had always wondered where the shift where women would be wearing corsets that barely allowed them to breathe turned to women always being known to wear black had originated. Although the change was initially described as being degrading towards women, I am glad I am no longer obligated to society and I can take a breath when it comes to fashion (literally). Very good article.

  • My mom and I were just talking about Coco Chanel today! It’s amazing how someone can be so successful so fast and make a mark for a lifetime in the fashion industry. It is also somewhat humorous and amazing at the same time how a simple accident could become such a big hit. There are many important inventions that start off this way and it just goes to show that even accidents turn into great ideas in the fashion industry.

  • Great job! I really loved reading your article. It was really interesting to read that Chanel introduced loose clothing that was comfortable and freed women from tight corsets. Moreover, it is really inspiring she broke the rules and transformed fashion by designed her clothing from her own viewpoint in a male dominated fashion world. To sum it up, it was a great read.

  • This article provides the story of a woman who set an example and started a revolution on women’s fashion, just as in any other aspect of life. She truly is an important figure in history. How curious, however, that the little black dress was the result of an example, just an accident. Sometimes some impressive works of art or science are spontaneous, but never as this one. And yet, it managed to become an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe.

  • While walking in the malls, we come across the brand Chanel. Personally, never knew much about her but while reading this article I was quite inspired with the way she was able to break the norms of women’s fashion. Hopefully people in the future will continue to remember this legend who started from nothing and became a fashion icon from her little black dress. Which to this day, continues to be a fashion icon.

  • I have never heard her story before. I assumed the designer was very wealthy growing up because of her clothing and different fashion pieces were always so classy looking. The name Chanel is still regarded in a very strict and respectful manner. I always know that if something is Coco Chanel that it will always be very flattering for women. I always wonder how women broke through sexist barriers in the work place and even fighting to build a career, this really shows how it is possible!

  • This was such a good read! I gained so much information that I never knew before I read this article. It was very interesting to read all about the life she lived and how she worked so hard to get where she did. The story of Coco Chanel Is an inspiring story for many. It just goes to show that we can all work for what we want.

  • Great article! It really explains what Coco Chanel did to change the standard of how women dressed. It’s very interesting learning how the “little black dress came to be”. This iconic piece will be a part of everyone’s closet for many years to come. It’s amazing to see how Coco Chanel was one of the women who broke the norm on how women should dress. Seeing women stand up for what they think is right is always something I like to read about.

  • This was a really amazing article to read as I really enjoyed it. I like the way you introduced the article and I feel you had really done some good research. I like the way you put this article together and it is cool how someone changed the industry like “coco” Chanel did.

  • What a great article! It is amazing how the little black dress change the woman fashion. By other part it is actually encouraging the story of Coco Chanel and how she got were she was by herself. It amazing how a she made such an important and luxurious brand from scratch. Great article and keep it up with the good work!

  • For being such a popular figure in today’s cultural standpoint, I am surprised I had not heard about the story of Chanel until now. Neither did I know that she was reared from a very troubled childhood and became such an important person through her own viewpoints in the fashion industry. I also was not aware that she single-handedly popularized a simple dress and made the fashion industry acknowledge the viewpoints of all women.

  • This was a very informative article. The author did a good job at writing this article and presenting the story. She started off very poor and ended up being a very popular brand in women’s clothing. I never knew how the “little black dress” became so popular and originated until reading this article. Overall, this is a very well written article.

  • Although a very short article it contains just the right amount of information as would a long one. I like how it’s very concise; it gives the Coco’s information then introduces how the invention came to be and how has it transcended. It’s very important to note how woman started there liberation even in fashion senses. How the way women started to dress up made them look but most importantly made them feel. How taking control over the style of the cloths and the commodity it had made them change.

  • I love the movie breakfast at tiffany’s so this caught my eye when i saw the picture. i did not know about Chanel. however its crazy how men designed women clothing, like now and days how do you not become a feminist Jesus its like women never have any freedom these days we will always be under the glass ceiling, but I’m happy she broke barriers for women. it brings hope to me and other women that we can do it , if we just believe in our selves.

  • Coco Chanel made history with her signature little black dress. It is such an iconic thing that every women has in their closet. I find it cool that it was made accidentally. Some of the best things or ideas come from accidents or mistakes that people do. It is very inspirational to take whatever you have and turn it into something good. Her simple dress has been worn by many celebrities and is still thriving today. The little black dress was a wonderful design that can last for a long time.

  • I loved this article, it tells a story of a strong woman that came from nothing and made a name for herself as well as helped make changes within the women’s beauty standards. With out her self determination the fashion industry may not be the same today. Even today, years after being founded, the Coco Chanel brand is still very popular and worth a lot of money.

  • I had the pleasure of reading this article for the second time and I enjoyed if just as much. Before I had mentioned before of how much of an inspiration and how Chanel’s legend lives on in almost every women’s life or more so in their closets with the “Little Black Dress”. One thing that stuck out to me this time around was how ” Chanel freed woman from tight corsets”. This change that she made in women fashion has truly lived one for years and will continue on. I couldn’t imagine living life in a corset, thankfully I do not have to live my life like that because of her. I thing this was a very well written article and can see why it was nominated for an award.

  • I was attracted to this article due, in part, to my love of all thing Audrey Hepburn, but was pleasantly surprised to learn more about Coco Chanel. What little I know of fashion comes from my mother and sister, but I am glad to become more versed in the fine art. I am amazed that someone was able to go from essentially rags to riches in the fashion world, where the creme of the crop is highly, highly exclusive. The fact that the ‘little black dress’ was not intended to achieve critical acclaim, it did, and has become a staple of the American and international wardrobe. Being the descendant of many vocal “flappers,” I am happy to take a glimpse into the world of my grandparents.

  • Coco Chanel is a true icon!! The “LBD” is an essential for most women and is truly the best balance between comfortable and casual and the modern women’s business attire. I really had no idea that she was orphaned or even that she little black dress had come out of a mistake. Knowing her struggles and sense of individualism really allows for you to appreciate her all the more.

  • “Coco Chanel’s “Little Black Dress is a great article that should be considered for “Cultural History” or “People”. This article really gets into the specifics of how Chanel really took off and became such an iconic brand. It is a great article that really captures how this small item really grew into a massive luxurious brand. A truly well written and interesting piece.

  • What I loved most about “Coco” Chanel’s story is that she founded the brand because of her desire to bring comfort upon women’s fashion. She went through a series of events in her life which led her to become such a determined, hard-working woman who wanted success and a name for herself more than anything. I find it so astonishing how “little black dress” is still a very relevant term today! Enjoyed the good flow of this article and awesome background facts.

  • CoCo Chanel is an inspiration, she changed the fashion industry for women for years to come. I loved how this article told the story to us readers. Starting with how she struggled to the legendary women she is today. Her legacy still lives on today with all of her products but even more so in the closet of every women, A.K.A., the little black dress. Over all this was an amazing article that i very much so enjoyed reading.

  • Thank you for this article! I didn’t know much about Coco Channel beside her name before reading this article, and it was extremely informative. The “little black dress” is such an important clothing for women and fashion in general, and it was interesting to learn where it comes from. The author did a great job; I really enjoyed reading this article!

  • I have to say you did a great job at writing this article and giving even better at giving the information on the topic. the really great thing I it is for girls that love to dress up and be comfortable all at the same to and feel good about them selves. she really made an impact on the fashion industry and wearing dark colors is now part of everyday styles.

  • As someone who has personally had to experience a corset, I thank Coco Chanel for allowing women to be able to take deep breaths and to sit comfortably. The article portrays Chanel as a feminist icon and I appreciated that. The topic of this article is very specific and done very well. Despite that the article is brief, it is well researched.

  • I love the line of coco Chanel. Ive always thought that the phrase little black dress was just a saying that started a while back, I had no clue it originated with Chanel. That is great that Chanel had pushed herself to become such an idol especially when it is tough to start poor and abandoned. The black dress fashion will sure be around for many years more.

  • This article was very interesting to read. At first glance, I had chosen to read and comment on this article because Coco Chanel was someone who sounded familiar and I was curious as to how the little black dress originated. After reading this article, I thought the discovery of the little black dress is so interesting and out of the blue. I can honestly say I would’ve never thought that that’s how something so widely renowned in fashion as the little black dress, would arise from such an odd situation as a gas burner explosion. And from this, Chanel was able to create a phenomenal piece that would come to be insanely popular in the fashion world and allow her to further her designing career towards more pieces than clothing, with her becoming one of the world’s most respected and loved fashion designers.

  • I still hear about the Little Black Dress but I did not know the story behind it. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s life is defiantly a rag to riches story. I think that it was great that she used the pain of not having a father to make something out of herself. It is funny that she stumbled upon the idea by accident. I do admire how she liked being different and going with the trends. Still to this day, the LBD can be probably found in every women’s closet.

  • Very interesting article! I have always enjoyed reading the rags to riches stories. I would have never guessed how Coco Chanel grew up. This article makes me respect Chanel so much more because she had to work so hard to get where she is today. Stories of successful people like Chanel working from the bottom up are so inspiring. I am so glad you wrote about this topic, it was great!

  • This was a very interesting article. I knew next to nothing about Gabrielle Chanel and her contributions to the fashion industry. The fact that she helped to redefine women’s clothing is amazing. Her humble beginnings also show that anyone can achieve greatness with just hard work and dedication. Overall this was a very well written article.

  • This was such an interesting article and it was also a very inspirational one as well. How was grew up and started poor and then she became a well known clothing brand. It is amazing how someone with not much to start off with can grow up and change the fashion world in many ways. It is interesting to read about where the saying “little black dress” came from. This article was great at giving detail and insight of where she grew up and how she became successful.

  • I never knew the background of this monumental brand. It is of course another inspiring story of a brave and creative woman. I find it admirable that Gabrielle did not shy away from creating her brand, even in a male dominated fashion world. I find it almost laughable that men were designing women’s clothes at this time to fit the image of what they believed a woman should wear. It definitely shows how times have changes and how much women have overcome a society that tells them how to be. This brand most likely inspired so many other designers as well as young women to find a passion for fashion, which I think is incredible. It is an art, and I respect Gabrielle for setting out to do what she loved and the love that all still have for her today.

  • Very well written and interesting article. I think its amazing how Coco was able to change the way women dressed back in the day and it makes me wonder if fashion today would be entirely different if it wasn’t for Coco’s determination to change the fashion industry. I also think its amazing how she was able to change the fashion industry during her time period when men were the ones to rule fashion and clothing industries. Overall, Gabrielle Chanel is a role model that people can look up to who showed determination and perseverance until she was able to accomplish what she wanted to.

  • The article provides readers with the history of “The Little Black Dress,” Brianda Gomez creates an excellent story arc that explains the history of the fashion trend and the designer Coco Channel. I enjoyed reading this article because of course I am interested in clothes but it is also nice to learn the history of one of the most famous and iconic figures of the fashion industry. A great piece of social history and women history.

  • I have heard the term “Little Black Dress” but I never knew where it actually came from! I personally know a little black dress is the perfect outfit for any occasion. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel really changed fashion for women. Without her, women might still be dressing in the view of what a man believes we should wear. Although the little black dress was an accident on Chanel’s part it was a hit with every women and to this day I am sure many women would love to thank Chanel for her boldness and creativity.

  • A very interesting article that I knew nothing about. Its an amazing how such a disadvantaged child grew up to accomplish so much. I am familiar with Chanel however knew nothing to its background. Without this amazing innovation many females today may have still be plagued with those awful corsets that can be so damaging to young woman. Great article

  • This is a very interesting and well written article. This is a very inspirational story. She started off very poor and ended up being a very popular brand in women’s clothing. I never really understood how “little black dress” originated until I read this article. She shows us that anything is possible to accomplish. Overall, this is a very informative article.

  • I knew who “Coco” Chanel was because of her name and very famous brand, but I did not know of her or anything about her for that matter. I didn’t even know her real first name or that she was French. The story of the soot covered white dress being the start of the little black dress is a funny and special one to me. I never would have imagined that that unfortunate situation she found herself in was the inspiration for her idea of the little black dress. This just goes to show that the best things can sometimes come from unexpected situations.

  • Despite where she came from, she became very well known, which was a goal she wanted to achieve. I think it is very interesting that men basically controlled how women dressed and in a sense of way, she was able to help change that. It’s amazing how a simple creation of a a flame gas explosion took her even farther.

  • I really enjoyed the introduction talking about her tough childhood and then leading up to her successful company. I was extremely impressed with how Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel made a name for herself in the fashion world because it wasn’t very common for women to have any power at all and to have a voice. She was a symbol for all women in the 1920’s, which started a fashion revolution for all women who desired comfortable clothes. This article was well written on her biography.

  • Loved it from the beginning to the end. The tone was set well from the introduction. I always knew the brand, but never knew the woman behind it. It’s interesting how she grew up poor and an orphan. Her story was a real rags to riches fairy tale. Furthermore, I never knew the story behind the “little black dress”. It’s funny to read that it was in fact an accident.

  • It is amazing to see that a woman from such humble beginnings became an icon through her designs and creations. Although I am pretty sure her name is easily recognized because of her brand, I do not think many know of her origin and the journey she made to get where her brand is now. This article did a good job in painting Coco Chanel’s contribution to women and the fashion industry. She paved a road with liberating fashion that is still relevant now.

  • I remember being young seeing Audrey Hepburn dressed in the iconic “Little Black Dress” and thinking how elegant she looked. Every girl is bound to hear the name Coco Chanel at some point in their lives, for me it came at a young age. I remember hearing “Coco Chanel” because my mom liked her perfume. However, hearing the name is one thing and knowing her life is another. I did not know the story behind the famous Coco Channel until this article. Great work!

  • What a great article! I was intrigued the entire time I was reading this. Of course I knew who Coco Chanel was but I had no idea of the history behind her fashion line. She is a fashion role model who changed fashion tremendously. I also had no clue that she’s the person to thank for all my LBDs in my closet! How revolutionary for women in fashion at that time. She is truly a fashion designer to remember and not just for all the great fashion styles she has influenced but for the remarkable effort she put into becoming one of the first female fashion designers.

  • Interesting article. The history of fashion is something I am estranged to, so this article gave me lots of new and interesting facts. Now that I think about, it makes sense that in the past women’s fashion was dominated by men, just as many other aspects of everyday life. However, how good it is that this woman managed to revolutionize fashion and paved a road to many other women to come that gave important inputs to this industry, and inspired many others in many aspects of life to end the inequality between genders that existed in the past.

  • First of all, great introduction! You build it up in a way that it intensifies the mood, and the need to know who this wonderful woman is. Besides knowing she is the face behind the colossal “Chanel”, I had no knowledge about Coco Chanel’s life. Indeed, she is a remarkable woman, and you make that clear throughout your piece. You provide insightful evidence, that clearly depict how she “introduced an entirely different concept of women’s fashion to the world”. She was bold, she was fearless. What an amazing article, on an amazing woman!

  • It’s always rewarding to hear, how there living situation might have not been the most ideal but the way in which they were able to learn from it and motivate themselves to live a better life. Gabreille “Coco” Chanel changed the way woman dressed, who would have known that a gas flame explosion inspired the famous Little Black Dress. A dress in which many women all over the world have hanging in their closets.

  • It is interesting to know that there weren’t many women in fashion back in the 1920’2. I know that women were mostly stay at home moms back then, but I never thought about the fact that men were controlling how women dressed. The evolution of the little black dress is fascinating. What if she never got soot all over her white dress? Then are women’s fashion would probably be very different today.

  • Channel has been a popular brand that has grown in popularity and continues to make new merchandise. Personally, I am a huge fan of their products. Her unique style allowed her to express herself and attract attention to her growing trend. The article was well written and simple, I really enjoyed reading about the story behind the now popular brand. Channel is worth appraisal for her bold moves in moving fashion in a direction that not many would consider possible. Wearing dark colors is now part of everyday attire; the dresses she created were elegant and really made an impact on the fashion industry. Her influence continues to inspire many designers and her “little black dress” will continue to be an iconic piece of art, history, and fashion.

  • The fashion industry has always been ruled by men which was odd to me. Since we didn’t have the mindset of what a woman wanted to wear. Chanel tackled this issue in a very simplistic type of way with her dress, being simply black and loose. I had no knowledge of her being a orphan that was very interesting, she fought threw that to become what she did is impressive. This was a very well written article and researched.

  • Growing up and listening to hip-hop they anyways would make references to Coco Chanel and her little black dress. I had always wondered what they were referring to and what it meant. After reading this, it made all of that click, and it’s cool how she started a trend for women that is still around in present day.

  • Interesting…I never knew the infamous little black dress was invented by CoCo Chanel by complete and utter accident. That is hilarious and I am glad the author chose to include it in this read. Super thankful that she broke down gender stereotypes and earned herself a fashion icon status in the process too. Goes to show that creativity is an essential part of being successful, awesome article!

  • Everyone knows the brand Chanel, so learning the origins and woman behind it was definitely exciting. It was so cool to learn that she brought about revolution in fashion and made clothes for women that were comfortable and fashionable. Even though I’ve always heard the phrase “little black dress,” I never imagined that there was such a story behind it. Overall, it was great to learn about Chanel’s transformation from an orphan into one of the most influential women of her time.

  • Now I know who I can thank for the many black dresses I have in my closet. This article is so inspiring to me as a woman who loves to dress up, but be comfortable at the same time. I think it’s important for woman to know who they are as a person so that they can express themselves in any way. The author did a good job in laying out Chanel’s life and how she strived to become a successful person.

  • I really liked this article. I love how much Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel had contributed to the female fashion industry. She inspired many women to go on and break the norms of women’s fashion created by males in the fashion industry. She did not let her past keep her from doing so much more in her future, she did what she needed and provided herself a great and successful life. It’s a truly inspirational story, and written well. I found it really interesting about her accidental creation of the “little black dress”.

  • To start off, I am a huge fan of her Chanel cologne for men. I knew she was the reason for the little black dress, but I did not know the story behind it. I wonder how it came to mind when she found the soot on her white dress. People must have stopped and gazed at her when she entered the room. It is truly amazing how far she brought fashion. There is even songs about her!

  • Honestly growing up I knew the term “the little black dress” it was always mentioned and I knew Audrey Hepburn wore it in the famous “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” but I had not idea on how the overall concept of the dress came to be. How a fire sparked the idea of an iconic piece of clothing that has been and still is essential to any woman’s closet. Coco Chanel has been known as an icon to women’s fashion and will always be, and the legacy of the LBD will always live on.

  • I have always seen the brand when walking around the mall, but never knew about the person who started this high fashion company. When you saw the brand Chanel on any sort of clothing or fragrance you know the price that tags along with it. I enjoyed learning about Gabrielle and hearing about how she came to success. It must have been difficult growing up in the circumstance she was in, but if you work hard, she shows you can achieve great things.

  • This was a really interesting article. The story of Coco Chanel is really inspiring, the fact that she was an orphan and very poor when she was young, but then turned it all around and became one of the most influential people in women’s fashion is truly amazing. It was really interesting to read about where the term “little black dress” came from. This was a really interesting article, the topic was very “outside the box.”

  • This article was very articulate and inspirational. Reading this article uncovered the true passion and perseverance that this woman had.Her story reminded me of the saying “everybody wants happiness nobody likes pain, but you can’t have a rainbow with a little rain.” She became an icon of empowerment not only to the fashion world and industry but to Women in general.

  • An extremely well written and put together article. Its incredible how someone with so little to start off with changed the fashion world forever. Without the amazing Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel women might still be wearing corsets today in a male dominated fashion industry. Even the “little black dress” was an accident and became a phenomenon. I guess its true and black goes with everything.

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