The Chronicle of Walt Disney and his famous sidekick Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney and his sidekick Mickey Mouse | Courtesy of Pinterest

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Mickey Mouse is a symbol of laughter and joy to many, but to Walt Disney, the character was a symbol of perseverance and hard work. Mickey Mouse is one of the most popular cartoon character known across the globe. He is the face of one of the biggest companies that exist today, The Walt Disney Company. A well-known quote from Walt Disney himself is “If you can dream it, you can do it. Remember that this whole thing started with a dream and a mouse.”1

Walter “Walt” Disney had a dream of what he wanted to accomplish in his life, and he did not let anything or anyone stop him from achieving that goal. Walt Disney was a self-taught cartoonist. When he was sixteen years old, he joined the Red Cross during World War I.2 At first he wanted to join the navy, but was denied due to his young age. Disney joined the Red Cross and was stationed in France to be an ambulance driver, but by the time he arrived in France, the war was coming to an end. When he finally arrived, he worked as a driver serving doughnuts and ice cream to the patients of various hospitals. It was here where he started to develop his artistic skills. He would draw cartoons for the vehicles, cartoons for the posters, and cartoons for Life Magazine. Disney drew when and where he could. Drawing cartoons was a great way for him to enter into a whole new world. He served for about one year before he returned to the States on September 22, 1919.3 Being overseas had really changed Disney’s life forever, and he did cherish those memories in France.

Walt Disney in his uniform as an ambulance driver | 1917 | Courtesy of Pinterest

The next several years of Walt Disney’s life were harsh, but through it all, he developed a true passion for animation. He began working at a commercial art studio as an apprentice. He was laid off from his apprenticeship about a month later. Though he had a setback, Disney claimed: “I was 18 years old when I actually started out on my career.”4 He decided to create his own business with a colleague named Ubbe “Ub” Iwerks. The company’s name was Iwerks–Disney. They needed a space to work, but had little income to put together to get a proper space. The only space that they could afford was in an unused bathroom in the headquarters of the National Restaurant Association in Kansas City. The secretary that worked at the headquarters made a deal with Disney that the company would allow them the office space and an allowance of $10 a week if Walt and Ub would agree do the artwork for Restaurant News, the publication that was linked to the National Restaurant Association. They agreed, and Ub and Walt began working on ideas on top of their “office desks,” which was the toilet and some sinks. Disney and Iwerks were able to get a few extra jobs to save up for a proper office space. It was hard for the two to keep the office space, so Disney and Ub were forced to move on from the business.5 A job soon became available at the Kansas City Film Ad Company, so Disney decided to take the opportunity to work there. Here Disney realized his desire to do animation. He began to develop advertisements for different local movie theaters. Disney borrowed a book on animation from the local library and became fascinated by what he was reading. He became an expert and ended up suggesting improvements to the company that he was working for. Disney’s boss was impressed by his new skills and allowed him to borrow an old camera. Iwerk came to work for the company after Disney recommended him, so the dynamite duo was back together. They were both nineteen years old at the time. Disney created his first film called Laugh-O-gram, which was named after a local theater. While still working his daytime job at the advertisement company, Disney worked on and produced one Laugh-O-Gram film per week. With the money that he was making from his day job, he rented a studio where he bought new equipment for the films, but he ended up going bankrupt. The bankruptcy ended up motivating Disney to pack his bags and, at the age of twenty-one, move to Los Angeles with a dream and $40 in his wallet.6

Walter Elias Disney | 1946 | Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

With a vision, hard work, and time, Walt Disney was starting to get his feet wet in the animation world, but little did he know that something major was about to happen. A New York distributor from Universal Pictures decided to invest in one of Disney’s Laugh-O-Grams. While doing short movies, he started to create a new character that he hoped would be a hit. The character’s name was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This character became popular, and Universal Pictures started to receive major profits from it. One day, Disney was asked to go to a meeting at the company headquarters in New York. In that one meeting Disney lost everything. The sketches, designs, workers, and movies all belonged to Universal, and they wanted to start paying Disney a lower salary than before. Disney knew that he was worth more, so he refused the offer and was fired along with his longtime friend Ub Iwerks. Now at the age of twenty-seven, Disney was again forced to start over.  The heartbroken Disney and Iwerks sat on the train ride back from New York full of pain and hurt. But out of this train ride came the face of the future Disney empire, Mickey Mouse. Both Disney and Iwerks started designing Mickey Mouse on the train ride together, and after several long nights, they finally completed the new character. They used Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as the foundation and added improvements to the character. For example, they made the ears of Mickey more circular and rounder and less like rabbit ears. They wanted Mickey Mouse to be shorter and chubbier like a mouse. At first, they named the character Mortimer, but after a suggestion from Disney’s wife, the character’s name became Mickey Mouse. While the initial design of Mickey Mouse was intimidating, it was not until a new animator, Fred Moore, gave Mickey Mouse a cuter appearance that the signature look most people know as Mickey Mouse came about. He added white gloves, a smaller nose, pupils, and other features. In 1935, Mickey Mouse was designed with color and the company began to use Technicolor for the Mickey Mouse movies.7 This was very advanced for the time, and many critics claimed that it was beautifully constructed. Mickey Mouse became an instant hit. With Disney being the voice of the character, audiences grew to love the cute mouse and his wild adventures.

An ad showing the new Mickey Mouse | Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

With the major success of Mickey Mouse, the Disney empire began to grow. Disney started to produce movies, as many as twelve per year. One of Disney’s first major hits was his first feature film of 1937, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. It took four years of production and it cost a little over $2 million. But that was money well spent, because it brought in about $7 million.8 The combination of this and other blockbusters led to Disney having enough money to open a theme park called Disneyland. In 1955, Disneyland was opened in Anaheim, California, and was one of Disney’s last visions for the company. Throughout the theme park, the signature ears of Mickey Mouse could be found, which also became an iconic headband sold throughout the world. In addition to the theme park, Disney started the Mickey Mouse Club, which was a television variety show, starting in 1955, starring a number of young Mousekateers, including the future movie star Annette Funicello. In addition to the Mickey Mouse Club, Disney began airing The Wonderful World of Disney, which ran for decades on ABC. Disney was fifty-four years old at that time. A few years later, Disney had a new idea to create an even better and larger theme park in Florida. Unfortunately, Walt Disney died at the age of sixty-five before he could see the final product of his Disneyworld. He died of lung cancer, probably due to the amount of smoking he had done since he was a teen. His brother was the one who continued Disney’s plans, and the new theme park was opened in 1971. The park was named Walt Disney World after the late Walt Disney.9

The story of the creation of Mickey Mouse is a story that everyone can learn from. Disney worked many years to reach his dreams, and he did not let anything or anyone stop him. Through all the up and downs, Disney knew that he was onto something great and pushed for that greatness to come true. That is why Mickey Mouse is not only a symbol of laughter but also a symbol of endurance.

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The Chronicle of Walt Disney and his famous sidekick Mickey Mouse
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  • Hands down the best I’ve read on here! Not only is this a very fascinating article it tells a beautiful story too. The ups and downs of a major success like Disney are a great inspiration for children and even adults around the world, hard work and perseverance will get you through hard times on your way to your dreams.

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  • Very well written article. This article was very interesting to read. I am a huge Disney fan but I did not know the complete and whole story of Walt Disney. It is amazing how one person can create such a great thing after facing and conquering many hardships one after another. Everything has to start at something but I did not know that Disney had started off so rough. I found it very intriguing how in his teen years when in Europe he wanted to help out in the war and that really shows and tells you about a person.

  • The story of Walt Disney will probably always be one of my favorites. Having done so many things far from his final career, he never stopped doing what he loved. It is because he never stopped doing what made him happy that he came to be what he is known for today. There is not one person in this world that does not know who Walt Disney is or at least what his productions and who his characters are. He is someone that will never be forgotten.

  • I am surprised that Walt Disney was shut down so many times before ever getting his foot truly in the door. I was not aware that Mickey Mouse came from a train ride after a rejection. Also, I was not aware that Disney participated in the World War and is considered a veteran. I find it funny that Universal Pictures lost so much just because they wanted to cheat Disney out but instead ended up losing so much money because he went on to do so much more.

  • What an incredibly cute story to read. Disney is such an iconic name yet I had never known the struggles Walt Disney went through to achieve his dream of being a cartooning. I had also never known that he had worked with the Red Cross during World War I. Incredible that if he had not realized his dream of being a cartoonist during that time we would not have such iconic movies or characters like Snow White and Mickey Mouse.

  • Great featured image! There were a lot of things that I did not know about Walt Disney, such as how he served in World War I and how he had struggled so much at the start of his career. I can understand why the name Mickey would be chosen over “Mortimer Mouse”. Interestingly enough, despite being sold off to Universal Pictures in 1928, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit has made some several recent appearances alongside Mickey Mouse. Fantastic job on the article!

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  • As children, we all hear about the famous Disney movies and characters. To learn what the true meaning the most famous mouse was great. Society tends to follow behavior patterns and our love for Mickey mouse has evolved through generations, however, to understand the meaning of this character is something completely different. He meant perseverance and hard work, this article helped me learn that Mickey mouse was a symbol of hope for Walt Disney.

  • This was the second time I have read this article, I enjoyed it even more the second time around. My first comment I wrote about how Disney basically describable my childhood. With reading this again I have realized that Disney took a hobby, something that brought him joy and made it to where he brought joy to others as well as himself for years to come. Over all this was a very well written article and it is no wonder as to why it is up for an award.

  • Wow, this was an awesome article. i had known about Oswald the Rabbit and that Disney had lost control of him and had to start over again. I also knew that at first Mickey Mouse was named Mortimer but i did not know that he was in the Red Cross during World War I and i also did not know that he and his partners worked in a bathroom for their office in the beginning. It just dhows what hard work can accomplish.

  • It was so interesting to read that before Disney’s Mickey mouse, he was involved with the red cross and even attempting to join the navy. But even more shocking that Disney started his own business inside of a bathroom which was his office space to begin with. This article overall was written with such a strong story that was told strongly. I enjoy reading every sentence.

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  • The story of how Walt Disney came to be is such an inspiration to every one anywhere. The way he started out from nothing to having a themed park named after himself. Walt Disney World has become one of the top themed parks for kids and adults to visit during their summer vacations. His legacy will continue to live on for generations to come.

  • Walt Disney story was fascinating. Not getting his break through till the age of 27 is very late for all the talent he had. Then to get cheated out of your first successful character by the company. In which he got the last laugh at the end, creating mickey mouse on a train. It was interesting to find out that the white gloves were not in the original design of mickey mouse. This article never lost my attention and provided information I had no idea of Walt Disney.

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  • What a great story! It puts some of us at ease to know some of our favorite celebrities/business people started off not having anything. Walt Disney really gives people the hope and faith to continue to pursue their dreams because when you look at a story like his, you can’t help but be inspired. Mickey Mouse is the most iconic cartoon character and I love the words you use to describe what Mickey Mouse is a symbol of, “laughter and endurance.”

  • I never knew this much detail about Walt Disney’s past and upbringing. It is inspiring and incredible how someone can really change their life with hard work and perseverance. I am a personal fan of Disney movies, they bring me a lot of happiness and I admire how much happiness they bring millions of children as well. A lot of my greatest childhood memories are of watching Disney movies, and I will always be grateful for the impact they have had on my life.

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  • What a truly interesting article. I love everything about Disney and Walt. I had no idea he had a partner this whole time, as it is only him who gets the fame. I didn’t know the full story of Walt Disney and it is amazing how he didn’t come from much and that he now has probably the most successful children entertainment business ever. Great article

  • I loved reading this article because I love all things associated with Disney. I had no idea that Walt Disney had a partner through most of the way, Ub Iwerks. Also, very inspiring to see how he started with so little and followed his dreams to grow his empire. Walt Disney truly left behind his legacy and he will always be remembered through his parks and his works.

  • I loved how this article not only focused on the ups and downs of Walt Disney’s early career and upcoming but also on how Mickey Mouse came to be and essentially what the famous cartoon character represents. This article was very well-written and thorough in explaining to reader the many hardships and failures that Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks had to accept and get through before they ultimately began to see their dreams come to life. Being a huge Disney (and DisneyWorld) fan, I really enjoyed reading this article and learning of Disney and Mickey’s rise to fame.

  • I have been to the Disney parks, and they are amazing I love them so much. This article does a very great job of displaying in great detail the life of Walt Disney. He really did start from the bottom, and if he wasn’t denied the entrance into the Navy then people around the world would have never heard about the Walt Disney. This shows how hard he worked to become successful despite all the set backs he came across.

  • I like Walt Disney , and I like his up bringing. I love some of his movies. but unfortunately I feel like he has no diversity in his films. The underdog always wins, and I think that’s how he felt about his own life, like people were always telling him what he can and cant do. In the movie ,Cinderella , the little mermaid, beauty and the beast all have similarities , the overcome the people who was holding them back so they can live there dream.

  • While Walt Disney and his creations are certainly something to marvel, I think we tend to forget the darker sides of history when it comes to Walt. His rise in Hollywood resulted in the decline of many other competitors, many of which Walt Disney himself had completely stolen from. With the negatives aside though, Mickey mouse still remains one of my fondest memories.

  • Although I have never been to any of the Disney parks, I will be going in the Summer of 2018 to witness his work with my own eyes. I have heard of his story before but never in great detail like this article provided. His story has always been motivational to me. He really did start from the bottom and brought himself up doing what he loved most. If he had not been denied the opportunity to be in the Navy, we might have never heard of Walt Disney or Mickey Mouse at all.

  • This was an incredibly well written article that kept me invested from beginning to the end. I had some previous knowledge of Walt Disney and his cartoons that would eventually lead to the creation of the world famous Disney Company. I had no idea how difficult Walt’s journey was and how important Micky Mouse was for Walt and his success.

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  • This was such an enjoyable article to read. I am really impressed that there is so much behind Walt, like the Red Cross, that I certainly did not expect. Then all the ups and downs of his career show how strong he was in character. And how he won against so many adversities; it was a shame when he had to lose it all to create the great company Disney is now.

  • This article on Walter Disney was truly inspiring and well developed. I enjoyed how the author included the quote “If you can dream it, you can do it. Remember that this whole thing started with a dream and a mouse.” Wise words like Walt Disney shared can truly motivate individuals to never give up on their dreams. Overall, I enjoyed how this article provided information on Walt Disney’s personal life and his journey of setbacks and humble beginnings, which eventually led to the creation of Disneyworld.

  • Although being a disney fanatic, I never knew Walt Disney’s full story of how his company and vision came to be. I had no clue that he joined the Red Cross and sent to France all at the age of sixteen. It just seems somewhat odd to me because you don’t really hear about sixteen year olds traveling to such iconic places. When I was sixteen I could only imagine going to a place as beautiful as France. I also didn’t know the extent of he went through since a very young age and his determination was incredible. He’s truly an inspiration for everyone young or old.

  • I never knew that Walt Disney did so much when he was young. When he was sixteen he went to France as an ambulance driver and I was just in High school. It is interesting how many of the best things come out of people hitting rock bottom. I can’t Imagine what it would be like if he had just given up on his dreams. My childhood would have been very different.

  • Walt Disney’s drive for success in his dream is something that I’ve always wanted to have. The amount of determination he had just blows my mind. After all the setbacks he had pursuing his dream, he kept his head up high and didn’t stop until he felt like he received the amount of recognition and success he deserved. Overall, this was a very interesting article and I think it gives people a reason to keep pursuing their dreams no matter the amount of failures, because all that can come from failure is another opportunity with knowledge you didn’t have previously.

  • Such an amazing and descriptive article, I enjoyed every sentence. I always knew Walt Disney was the man who created mickey mouse and the he established amusement parks, but I never actually knew his story. To think of all he went through the constant failure and success. But the one think I really took away was that he did not give up, he knew what he was passionate about and continue to work on it until he reached a point where he was happy and was able to stand back and look at all his success. To think that Disney and his work and parks are still a success and will most likely continue to be towards generations to come.

  • Disney is someone monumental to animation today and it is crazy to see how he was fired from a Newspaper company because he was not creative enough and declined a job offer to pursue something else. His story is based around him failing many times and finally succeeding after a while. He was constantly told he couldn’t or had to have a fresh start but that did not stop him from becoming one of the most impactful people to roam this planet. Great article!

  • Disney has been a huge part of my families life since I was a little kid. We go to Disneyland every year because thats where my parents got married. This article was absolutely fascinating and very well written. I had no idea Disney was in the Military, or he started by making short films that were very successful. Its insane how all his efforts are still around and impacting people globally and still being progressed today.

  • Mickey Mouse has always been my favorite cartoon character. 4 summers ago I visited Disney World in Florida and I remember seeing a picture of Mr. Walt Disney holding Mickey’s hand in front of the iconic castle in Magic Kingdom. It really struck me in the heart, because Mickey was just another version of Mr. Disney. I had no idea what he went through to become so successful and it sucks that he didn’t live long enough to see his amazing creation.

  • This is a really interesting article. I love anything and everything Disney so this was a really cool to read about how it all started. I haven’t ever heard the in depth story about how everything started. I didn’t know that Walt Disney was in the military, or that he started out just doodling. This story is inspiring to hear because even Walt Disney had his set backs, going through bankruptcy. I didn’t know that originally Mickey Mouse was named Mortimer. I really enjoyed this article.

  • This article connects on a personal level. I myself am an artist and I can see that my values and Walt Disney’s are not that different. Being an artist doesn’t mean everything you do is innate. You must work hard and struggle in order to succeed. That’s what it means to be a true artist. Though it isn’t easy I wouldn’t trade it for anything and I bet Walt would agree. This was a very well written article.

  • First of all, great article. It’s almost like a, “fairy tale” or like a fiction story made up about perseverance. It is amazing to see such a unique story, and before reading this I had no idea of what trials and tribulations Walt Disney really had to go through. With Disney starting out in an old bathroom as an office space it really says something about not mattering where you come from, but rather where you are going.

  • Mickey Mouse and Disney are such iconic symbols, yet I did not know much about the origins of Walt Disney and his cartoon creations. Your article was very informative, and I liked the pictures you added to your article. Walt Disney is such a great role model for kids because he started from nothing all he had was a pencil, paper, and an idea. Overall, good work and I can’t wait to read more articles from you.

  • Good idea to cover one of the most iconic personalities in animation. His history is quite interesting, but also shares some qualities with Theodor Geisel, known as Dr. Seuss. I liked how you included the many times he had to start over, and you also showed the way large movie studios sometimes ruin creator’s lives. Thanks for this interesting article.

  • This was a very well written article. Everyone knows the Disney brand but i’m sure many do not know the story behind the person who created this huge success. I find it so crazy that at one point Disneys’ office space was inside of a bathroom. He was so determined to become successful that throughout all his setbacks he continued to try and eventually made it. I personally have been to Disneyland and it is really one of the happiest place to be. All of your childhood shows become a reality. I think Disney was a very smart person creating this company of keeping the world somewhat youthful and characters that everyone can enjoy no matter the age.

  • Wow! This was a great article! A great read as well! I never knew much about Walt Disney other than theme parks and the famous characters but it was interesting to learn about his life before then. I found it very interesting that in his teen years he was in Europe wanting to help out in the time of war. It goes to show how his life could have ended up differently if he continued with that path. Through his hard work he was able to live out his dream and accomplish all he wanted.

  • A well written and put together article. Everything needs to start from somewhere but I had no idea Walt Disney started out so roughly. Joining the Red Cross at 16 an being stationed in France then coming back to start a career seems almost impossible. Even the lovable Mickey Mouse we all know would have been completely different if Mrs. Disney didn’t make any name suggestions.

  • Sometimes the path to success is straightforward. Often, it involves many setbacks and adjustments. At home I have a book named Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life. It is a big, thick book that talks in detail about how Walt Disney achieved what he did.
    This article reminds me of a discussion we had in one of my other classes. We were discussing the idea of “The American Dream.” I’d say that Walt, his brother Roy Disney, and all the artists they employed exemplified that ideal.

  • This was a very interesting article. Many people don’t know the whole story of Walt Disney, I for a fact didn’t know everything. It is amazing to see how one person can persevere despite facing multiple hardships one after another. It is an inspiration to everyone that even when it seems like the whole world is against you, you need to keep on fighting through it.

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