The Voyages of Zheng He


During the Ming dynasty, Chinese Emperor Yongle organized a series of naval expeditions in the Indian Ocean basin. The expeditions were led by eunuch admiral Zheng He. He was a…

Cesar Chavez Part I


Cesar Chavez is a very famous Mexican-American labor leader. He inspired many agricultural workers to stand up and face problems in the work force. Chavez led a series of peaceful…

"Molly Pitcher at the Battle of Monmouth, 28 June 1778 (Litho)". 2014. In Bridgeman Images, edited by Bridgeman Images. London: Bridgeman.

Molly Pitcher


Cannons roared alongside the battle cries of men. The clearing was filled with the sting of fighting. As men collided with one another, women ran fast from the clear stream…

Common Sense: Thomas Paine


There are moments in history that stand out and are remembered more than others. Moments like these are crucial because they tend to change the lives of many populations throughout our…

America Loves Lucy


Winner of the Fall 2016 StMU History Media Awards for Best Explanatory Article Most Captivating/Engaging Article Best Use of Multiple Images Best Introductory Paragraph Best Overall Research “Lucy, you got…