Cultural History

America Loves Lucy


Winner of the Fall 2016 StMU History Media Awards for Best Explanatory Article Most Captivating/Engaging Article Best Use of Multiple Images Best Introductory Paragraph Best Overall Research “Lucy, you got…

Hunters of the Old Stone Age


Ever wonder how natural instinct aided in our species’ remarkable triumph against the endless dangers of the Paleolithic Age? We should not underestimate the amazing feat of our ancestors’ success in overcoming…

Becoming a Spartan Warrior


Around 800 B.C.E., the Greek people were emerging as an Aegean power because of the growth of their many urban centers: city-states called poleis. These poleis functioned as principle centers for Greek…

“The Way” of Daoism


With every bad situation there is a good side, but with every good situation there is a bad side. Everyone has heard some variation of this cliché before, but where does…

Mummies: Behind the Wraps


From pyramids to hieroglyphics, it is no surprise that ancient Egypt is known for its strange, unique, and specific rituals that tie into their spirituality. Many of these rituals are precise…

Producer: Jacopo Caraglio

Ancient Greek Mythology: Hades


More often than not, ancient Greek mythology (religion) served to explain a series of legends. Different from modern religions such as Christianity, Judaism, or Islam, ancient Greek religion was an anthropomorphic…