World War II

The U.S. Key To Victory: The Navajo Code Talkers Of WWII


“Jó áádóó Laman bidineʼé ałdóʼ tʼáá bí ałkʼiijééʼ; dóó díí kéyah tʼáá ałtso bikááʼgóó diné ndaʼahiltseedgo hahoolzhiizh; doo díí daʼahijigą́ ndootʼihígíí éí doo bił bééhózin da.”“And behold also, the Lamanites…

Pressures of War, Security and Rights, and the Decision to Relocate Japanese Americans during World War II


BOOSH…In an instant the United States naval base, Pearl Harbor, was attacked by Japanese military planes; hundreds of U.S. military personnel, as well as U.S. civilians, were killed. The country…

stolen art

The Spoils of War: Stolen Art in WWII


Winner of the Spring 2018 StMU History Media Award for Article with the Best Use of Images Best Article in the Category of “International Relations” Rothschild, Rosenberg, and Schloss, all…